Should You Use Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is recommended by doctors for women reaching the menopause period. However, hormonal therapy is not appropriate for everyone or in all situations. So, who should use it?

  1. Females experiencing severe symptoms, caused by menopause hormonal imbalance.
  2. Females that enter menopause at an early age (usually before 40).
  3. Women dealing with bone mass loss, those who have a history of osteoporosis in their family or those who have shown irresponsiveness to other osteoporosis treatments.
  4. Women who had their ovaries removed due to medical complications.

It is not recommended for those who:

  1. Experience only mild menopausal symptoms.
  2. Are suffering from: heart disease, liver disease, have a history of blood clotting.
  3. Are suffering or have suffered from breast cancer.

However, the manner, dosages, as well as the duration of the therapy can only be decided after a detailed medical exam in which your doctor establishes if you are a viable candidate for this type of therapy or not, in which case they will recommend another solution for you.

Starting hormone replacement therapy on your own is not advised, since the complications associated with it can cause severe malfunctions in your organism.  Contact New Spring Integrative Medicine for the help you need.