Overview of Massage Therapy Minneapolis Offers

When it comes to massage therapy, Minneapolis Advanced Corrective Bodywork centers have a rich and varied offer, that makes choosing quite difficult for patients.

Relaxation massage includes gliding, kneading and friction movements, as well as strokes with different pressure levels meant to work muscles, release tension and improve blood circulation. Oils, creams and ointments are used to lubricate the skin and facilitate massage, while also ensuring the well-known aromatherapy benefits.

Keep in mind that, while some therapists work at home or make house calls, the best experience can only be enjoyed in a well equipped and stocked spa or beauty center. A session lasts from 30 to 90 minutes (anything below that is a trial and anything beyond that will be useless).

The most common type of massage, especially for first time patients, is the Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage is recommended when you want or need deeper work done or you are dealing with chronic muscle pain. Other popular options in massage therapy Minneapolis centers are sports massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, Shiatsu massage, Thai massage and many more, including various special packages involving laser or infrared therapy meant to fight cellulite, stretch marks or skin aging.