How Wind Driven Rain Can Affect Your Austin Roofing

When storms begin to blow, heavy rains and high winds start to come, and your Austin roofing system is at great risk of damage. During a storm, you might notice a damp spot formed on the ceiling. Although a calmer rain that occurred a couple of days ago did not leave any visible trace, this particular storm can cause a leak in your ceiling.

People often report leaks appeared after storms with wind driven rains, but which do not appear with every rain. The explanation behind this phenomenon is that, when the wind blows, rain is often driven horizontally and can penetrate in ways that would not be possible otherwise. Rain driven rain can make it not only through shingles, but also through chimneys, skylights, flashing, windows, walls, siding, dormers and corner boards.

In such cases, you need a qualified roofing contractor to issue an evaluation of your roof condition and provide the necessary maintenance. If your roof has experienced damage caused by wind driven rain, you should have all the repairs done very soon after the storm, because the longer such damage remains without repair, the more extensive damages your Austin roofing system will incur.