Houston Roofing Essentials – Characteristics of the Wood Shakes

The free consultancy professionals offer is one of the main benefits working with a Houston roofing company presents. For instance, when you choose wood shakes as cover for a cabin or cottage, they are there to provide you with valuable information on the material.
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 Contrary to what some people may believe, wood shakes, especially those made of cedar wood, are extremely durable, with the lifespan reaching and even exceeding 50 years. Asphalt shingles, for example, have a life duration of no more than 3 decades, while rolled roofing materials have a durability of maximum 2 decades.
 Four types of wood shakes are available, the main difference between them being given by the slitting or cutting method. Taper split, taper-sawn, straight-split and hand-split are the names of the wood shake varieties.
 When an asphalt cap sheet is installed underneath them, wood shakes are rated A Class fire retardant. In all the other cases, they come with a B Class or C Class fire retardant rating.
 As for the features they present, the excellent way they cope with speedy winds is one of the most important. Houston roofing professionals say that wood shakes are designed to withstand wind speeds of almost 250 mph, considerably more than in case of other roof covers.