Georgia Roofers Talk About Fake Materials

With everything moving so fast and new products hitting the market every day, Georgia roofers have sorted out which ones are good and safe for you.

If you are in the middle of a roofing project, you will want to be very careful at the materials you are using. Not everything that has a big price tag on it means it is actually better. Some of them are done in a hurry and with cheap materials, leaving you with future problems and a hole in your budget.

For example, the “new” ceramic tiles that have just reached stores are actually bad quality. They are made out of sand and a mixture of water and adhesive. You can spot them out by making a small scratch with your key. If the mark is white and leaves a dusty trail, you are dealing with a knockoff.

You should also be cautious with “hard wood” shingles. They are actually made out of a mixture of plastic and vegetable residue. You can test them by easily bending them. If you see a white trace on it, move on to another product. Georgia roofers have managed to spot out all the fake materials.

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