Denver wedding photography – Common false ideas about wedding photojournalism

Most of the professionals in Denver wedding photography are somewhere between the two dominant styles: portrait and photojournalism. But when things are interpreted in an extreme sense, a series of wrong ideas may be born.

Here are some of the prejudices about wedding photojournalism.

  • Photojournalists will not make staged photography

Even if photojournalists focus on capturing the real unconcealed moments, it does not mean that they will refuse to shoot a few staged photos, directed by grooms or close relatives. Most will offer the opportunity to make such sessions before or after the wedding, in order to be free, during the event, to exercise their photojournalistic style.

  • Wedding photojournalism doesn’t necessary mean that the subjects never look at the camera

The presence of the photographer should not be obvious in photojournalism and therefore, most often, the subjects do not look at the camera. The subjects are unaware of being photographed and therefore behave naturally. However there will be subjects looking at the camera, but this will be captured spontaneously, not arranged by the photographer.

  • Photojournalists make only black and white photographs

This varies from photographer to photographer. Some do only color photographs or just black and white, while others like both ways. Clients can always choose a specialist in Denver wedding photography that suits their preferences.

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