Denver Psychiatrists On Children’s Trauma

As the number of children with mental problems continues to rise, Denver psychiatrists consider that parents should be aware of the great impact that childhood traumas can have upon the future of children.


This is not something you can treat with negligence, as early traumas can seriously disrupt the normal development of any child:


  • Agitation can be interpreted as disrupted self-soothing
  • The impossibility of seeing the world as a safe place that also causes paranoia
  • Highly distrust in other people
  • Psychosis means disruptions in organized thinking and decision making
  • Self-sabotage is also a sign of avoiding exploitation


Children who have experienced such problems will soon seek comfort in substance abuse and can also develop food disorders.


Personality disorders, depression or anxiety will soon become noticeable and very difficult to treat, not to mention about the posttraumatic stress disorders.


Only a small number of children who have experienced traumatic childhoods will not show symptoms or signs as adults, but the majority of them will.


Children are extremely vulnerable and sensitive and need a harmonious development otherwise they will become adults with several problems. This is why seeing Denver psychiatrists as soon as possible could clearly help them overcome the difficulties.  Call as soon as noticed, and be on  your way to a quick recovery.