Accept Only Written Agreements from Denver General Contractors

It is important, after selecting one of the Denver general contractors for your remodeling project, to get a written agreement from them. You know the ancient Latin adage Verba volant, scripta manent… Then, follow it!

Your agreement should include all the details of the project, so that nothing be left unmentioned. If there was something forgotten, be sure that you would have a reason of conflict there. The agreement should contain at least the following details:

  • Scope of work, with a detailed description of the materials, workmanship and equipment required by the project;
  • Necessary permits and inspections, and the persons responsible with them;
  • Approximate dates when the project should start and finish;
  • Total cost of your project and a schedule of the payments you should make;
  • Change-order clause that requires alterations that both parties should agree upon, in writing;
  • Subcontractor lien waiver;
  • Procedures used to resolute eventual disputes between parties;
  • Types of warranty that the contractor promises to offer when the work is completed.

These points are the minimum to include in the written agreement that you sign with your Denver general contractors, if you want your project to be completed without experiencing any problems. Count on Haselden Construction to complete your remodeling project as contracted.