A Centennial HVAC Technician Could Fix Your Humidifier If It Is Not Working

Centennial HVAC firms get many complaints during the winter months, saying something like:

  • The humidifier is not working;
  • There is not enough humidity in my home;
  • My apartment is too dry;
  • I am experiencing static shocks.

Maintaining a proper level of humidity inside your home is extremely important for the health, comfort and general well-being of your family, as well as for the home itself and the furnishings in it.

Sometimes, it is simple to solve the problem. You might have simply forgotten to turn the humidifier on after turning it off when the last heating season ended. Or maybe you have forgotten to open a water valve, damper or bypass.

Humidifiers also need frequent cleaning, at least once in each heating season, or twice if there is hard water in your area. If you see that the evaporator or the water panel is clogged by sediments, it means the unit cannot humidify properly and should be replaced.

If you have checked these few points and have not discovered anything weird, you should look up http://1stcallheatingandair.com/centennial and call a technician to diagnose the humidifier and repair it.